Wooden Chaise Lounge Chair

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Simple Design Chaise Lounge Chair

Solid wooden wheels for chaise lounge chair or patio chair.  In this post I make a couple of solid wooden wheels of 13 centimeters in diameter. They are like the typical wheel is made ​​of wooden sunbeds with which we lay the sun in the garden, but here are for patio chair that I made ​​with wooden pallet. I could also make wood pallet, but to save me some work I chose to buy a strip of wood and brushed.

Milling and guide to cut circles.  To cut the chaise lounge chair of the wooden wheels use a simple guide to rout circles with the router. At that distance I make a hole for a screw that serves as my pivot for milling a perfect circle.

For this I need to screw the wheel to a piece of board with sergeants and subject this to the desk. So I can use the router to support it directly above the wheel. And not to leave as the rounding straight edges with a strawberry half-round to round. I can only grinding wheels and set the wheels in the patio chair. The install on a chaise lounge chair, but still I have to get one.



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