Wonderful Furniture Bombe Chest

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Bombe Chest Paint

Who has not dreamed of finding a hidden treasure? One way to experience a similar feeling is finding an old bombe chest in a flea market and takes it home to use as a decorative accessory. And, a chest can be a treasure in itself! Not only children and pirates like chests, after film series Pirates of Caribbean, many adults were left infected by desire for adventure and chest became a decorative object in many homes.

A bombe chest at home can contain almost anything we do not know where to place you want to save or protected from dust and dirt. It depends on size of box can hold small items such as jewelry or accessories, or other larger bags for example we want to have on hand but not collect dust. We can also use box to store less valuable things, but just as necessary in any household, such as sheets and pillowcases.

In living room or dining room we can use a box to store from books to tablecloths and napkins or silverware used on special occasions. Also bombe chest in hall or on entrance of house we can put a box where to store all those things you need before you leave home and do not know where to put such as handkerchiefs, coins or car keys.

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