Wine Glass Rack Cabinet Under Plans

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Wine Glass Rack Under Cabinet Wood

A wine glass rack can be an interesting and decorative element in any kitchen and dining area. Since the main function of a wine glass shelf is quite simple, displayed as a sculpture or underline with adequate lighting. If you want to add an attractive and practical to your kitchen or dining room item, learning to do a glass shelf simple wooden- Wine Glass Rack Cabinet under Plans wine.

Wine glass rack cabinet under plans Draw a plan for timber glass shelf and decide the number of rows. Use their wine glasses to check the required dimension of the racks, knowing that the glasses are hanging upside down. Use these dimensions to order pre-cut wooden parts and to buy the right amount of material.

Wine glass rack cabinet under plans bevel the edges of cut wood using a table saw inclined at an angle of 5 degrees parts. Note that the wood should be about ¼ inch beveled sides and 2 and ¼ inch in the face. Thus, it will create a base from which to hang the glasses.5 Connect all finished and cut racks on a wooden board to finish the structure. Use screws, nails or wood glue to this task.

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