White Dresser With Mirror Ideas

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Amazing White Dresser With Mirror

A white dresser with mirror goes well with any color scheme and decor accessories in a bedroom. If you have a white dresser adorned with intricate woodwork or a plain square long dresser, adding decorations that can spice up the appearance. There are two types of decorations that can be used with white dresser; whether permanent beautification or accessories to put on top.

Paint portions of the white dresser with mirror to add a splash of color. Paint intricate patterns at the edges of the drawer fronts, along the sides and at the top to frame the various parts of the dresser. Give child stickers to decorate their own white dresser – that eventually will grow out of – as another option.

Apply pieces of wallpaper for drawer fronts to add a pattern. Measuring drawer fronts and cut the wallpaper for size. Cover the front with a layer of pulp and glue in place. Avoid colors like off-white or pale yellow, which may conflict with the target. Add or replace the drawer pulls his white dresser. Controls in different forms like animals or hearts provide an option for a child’s dresser. Decorate the top of the white dresser with mirror with accessories of your choice. Place a broker fabric curtains on the top and sides to add color and protect the surface. Arrange colorful glass vases.

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