Using A Rack As A Baby Corner Changing Table

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Beautiful Corner Changing Table

Baby corner changing table are one of the most essential items that a parent can have. Unfortunately, most changers can be quite expensive. If you already have an Ikea bookcase or rack system, you may be able to turn your purchase into a changing table, depending on the style of the shelf. If the platform is low, sturdy and large enough to support a baby, with some modifications, you may use it as a changing table.

Hang the shelf to the wall using brackets support if the shelf is designed to be hung. For best results, place several shelves vertically on a foot apart from each other. If the shelving system is intended to remain in the soil as a shelf, placing it against a wall, adhering to the wall supports to keep it stable and robust.

Place a corner changing table on the top shelf. The pad will make the platform more comfortable for the baby and keep the material dry and clean shelves.

Place the diapers and wipes on the top shelf, if possible. PROXIMITY keep these materials will make it easier to corner changing table. They can be arranged on the front or back of the pad; as long as you have room to work, the placement does not matter.

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