Unfinished Bookcases Home Decor

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Unfinished Bookcases Big

Unfinished bookcases – Having books in the home is a treasure that never we must resign, even with the advent of new technologies. Pleased to take a physical book, smell it and turn its pages, cannot imitate. You have a floor that is large or small, have a space to store books is basic and essential. The selection of these original libraries give a twist to typical and conventional ideas about life libraries, why books, in addition to getting beautiful adventure, also make us dream of a better world, and that’s what many people are looking for with the use of decoration.

This library type tree is original. Fixed on the wall, unfinished bookcases  the branches serve to hold all kinds of books, from the smallest to the largest ones have a space where to store. Do you like coffee or tea? If you are one of those that always reads that accompanies reading with a steaming cup of any of these drinks, you sure you love this library in the form of overlapping cups. With a fun and cool touch, is ideal for any corner of your

library seems taken from a comic vignette as if someone or something was absorbing it from the top. It is ideal for all kinds of environments, unfinished bookcases although we can see by the photo that is luxury in industrial decor. This library in the shape of the letter  with different compartments is very original and different to what we have used. The fact that it is a letter which ends up containing books, does have a poetic sense.

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