To Paint Wooden Storage Trunk

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Wooden Storage Trunk Ideas

Wooden storage trunk – Apply the spray primer for all storage trunk, if necessary. Use sweeping movements from left to right to avoid runs and drips, giving an even layer of primer to the trunk. Let dry completely before you start painting.

Apply the paint to the wooden storage trunk. If you are using spray paint, you follow the instructions on the can for best results. If you use paint in a can, open the can opener with metal and paint again stirring with the wooden stick. Pour the paint into a paint tray before placing the first layer in the trunk. Apply the first coat of paint to the trunk. Use the brush to cut in corners and hard to reach spaces, working from the inside to the outside of the trunk. Shield flat spaces that use rollers. Let the storage trunk dry completely.

Examine the log wooden storage trunk. If you find unpainted areas, which will have to apply a second coat of paint. Apply the second coat of paint, if necessary, in the same way the first layer is applied. Let the second coat dry. Decide whether to varnish the storage trunk. The varnish protects the trunk from water damage and protect the paint from scratching or peeling. Apply the varnish according to the directions on the can.

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