Three Drawer Chest For Coffee Table

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Three Drawer Chest

Three drawer chest – Coffee tables multiple-purpose saving space while keeping clutter free living room. A coffee table storage should be mixed with the style of the other furnishings in the room.  Build three drawers with a piece of 45 3/4-by-6 3/4-by-quarter inch Masonite for the front and rear of each drawer, a piece of 21 3/4-by-6 March / 4-by-1/4 inch Masonite for each of the two sides and a sheet of 21 3/4-by-45 3/4-by-1/4 inch Masonite to the bottom of each drawer. Use 3/4 inch finishing nails to fix the pieces into a rectangle topped drawer open. For a more traditional design drawer dovetail, see link in resources.

Cut three pieces of 7-inches wide by 46 inches long by 1/2 inch thick walnut root for drawer liners. Covering the front of three drawer chest built in step 6 with epoxy 5 minutes. Woodworks in each drawer press and press firmly until the glue dries overnight. Each gripper pad with a square of folded felt to avoid damaging the finish of the walnut.

Fit the wooden buckets 4-by-4-by-4 inches at the bottom of the table with 6 inch brass screws for wood feet. Sand all surfaces of the storage table with a coarse, medium, fine and extra fine sandpaper. Final three drawer chest with several layers of wood processing with transparent acrylic.

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