The Popularity Of Antique Bombay Chest

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Bombay Chest Color

The primary function of the Bombay chest, besides being used as an accent piece of furniture is storage. A bombe chest usually offers a number of drawers. It was one of several furniture designs that predated the modern dresser. The bombe commode tops are far from square, something the edges acquire a baked cream and bread crumbs form.

The commode of the term does not mean what most of us think. In reference to the word commode, French root word means desirable or convenient. In the age of modern indoor plumbing, the toilet was actually inside a convenience. Was logical that the commode so word would be used to describe the nature of suitable Bombay chest of water inside

The bombe Bombay word is pronounced. There is often some confusion among buyers looking bombe breast. Except phonetics, there is no connection to the city of Mumbai in India. There are furniture originating from Bombay, India, but that is where the similarity ends.

Bombay chest is highly favored among enthusiasts and antique collectors. The period is characterized by ornate embellishments and heavy use of lacquers. The technique japanning was brought forward. The japanning is a technique of lacquering, made ​​by hand, and features dark colors such as black and red.

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