The Guideline To Build Rustic Trunk Nightstand

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Rustic Trunk Nightstand

Trunk nightstand – If you are planning to have a tree in the near future, consider using a section of the trunk as a nightstand. This natural piece of furniture will give your bedroom a touch of rustic beauty and fantasy. Lets doing. Select a tree trunk. If you are not planning to take a tree in your yard, see if you can find one at a lumberyard. The trunk section should be about a foot in diameter. Using a chain saw, carefully cut a trunk section that is 18 inches tall.

Place the stump in a cool, dry place, such as a barn or garage. Let dry stump  of trunk nightstand for a month. Remove any loose bark with your fingers. Use a chisel and a hammer to break the hard crust removed. Continue this process until all the bark has been removed. Sand the sides of the strain, with sandpaper medium grain. Sand the top and bottom of the stump with sandpaper fine grain.

Rub across the bedside table with a damp, lint-free. Continue to clean the stump until the finger is clean when it runs through the stump. Turn the stump to stump the bottom is on top. Make a hole in each marked location. Furniture screw short legs into the holes. Flip the trunk nightstand so that the top is showing.

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