Special Ideas Solid Wood Bookcase

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Teak Solid Wood Bookcase

Today we got up and we woke readers with a post on ideas for decorating with original, modern or curious solid wood bookcase. And it is that if something is never lacking at home are books. Cookbooks can be art or photography, historical novels or books perhaps professional advice if you work at home, comics, books that give us and do not know where to keep and even fake books that serve only to decorate. But even if you are someone who prefer visual and have few books at home, always needed shelves to place other elements of habitual or simply decorative use such as bowls, candles, cups, vases …

This time we focus instead on solid wood bookcase as an element that completes overall decor. And it is that shelf as part decorative has many aspects, depending on material, budget and style you want to achieve. If your style is contemporary or minimalist, it is that it may seem counterproductive, do not use shelf to fill it with books (in these styles purity of lines is essential, and a large mass of books seen, if not well planned, you can be chaotic in sight).

If you’re adventurous , you can choose to place solid wood bookcase and paint colors, playing with forms (shelves with geometric patterns, with sloping sides, etc.) or play DIY and use other elements not intended to shelf, as ladders, handrails stairs to second floor, palletsĀ  (of course) and even pipes! Any element may be capable of acting as a bookend

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