Simple And Very Practical Low Bookcase

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Long Low Bookcase

Hello friends! Today, I will speak about low bookcase at home. I’m addicted to books , especially those of design, decoration and architecture , recognize that one of things I overwhelms of living in a small house is not having enough space to place, usually well as books I’m always looking for big space where there is none. I guess most will be in same circumstances, and although ideal would be to have an entire room as a library, today I want to show a selection of shelving and storage ideas that have seemed very practical, to see if between all find a solution interestingly our little “problem”.

Low bookcase is probably one of furniture functional houses. Useful for all and there are all kinds. Who does not have one? However, sometimes it costs us decorate. There is so much space that sometimes does not know what to do with it or where to put furniture itself.

A library is a very suitable to implement your ability decorative furniture. Low bookcase are best place to play with colors even with those of books, put some nice storage boxes, books combine other horizontally and vertically. Now are very popular bookstores that are as decorative objects themselves. They are fine, provided you already have at home a library of lifelong where to place your books and ornaments … in short, practical part.

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