Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

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Classic Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

Kitchen cabinet knobs, if added, were rubbed oil iron, tin, soft stone or same wood as rest of cabinet. Cherry wood knobs mushroom-shaped cabinets are authentic to Shaker Cherry. Fine grain and color development cherry wood were appreciated by Shaker cabinets well, and economical and practical for knobs and drawer pulls option were leftover pieces of wood.

Classic design of mushroom can be purchased as playback hardware unfinished and sealed or stained to match cabinets. Ideally, cherry wood cabinets can be smoothed with a deep reddish hue as they age from sunlight. So try to control as you treat your wood cabinets so that everything remains same color. Kitchen cabinet knobs with cherry wood pegs instead of hardware for those who want to hold wheel as original carpentry Shaker cabinets.

Shakers used what was on hand to make your simple and beautiful furniture. Soapstone was cheap enough to be carved and tools for woodworking in smooth round knobs for smooth fine wood cabinets. Shape is round on circumference, flat on top, and large enough to be easily grasped – very handy for use in kitchen or bathroom where hands may be wet and slippery. Soapstone kitchen cabinet knobs reproduction can be purchased in specialized hardware.

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