Rustic Kitchen Cabinets With Colonial Style

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Best Of Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic kitchen cabinets – The decor style colonial adds a rustic charm to the home with designs that show simple and basic functional lines. The cabinets in the kitchen are an important element when creating the look of the room, as well as providing storage for dishes, food, pots and utensils. Color, material and style design should coordinate with the rest of the colonial kitchen decor. As with the wardrobes, independent parts for kitchen storage can add a rustic style in a colonial kitchen. These parts can be cupboards, sideboards and chests to store kitchen utensils giving a charming look of old style.

The colonial style and rustic kitchen cabinets have a simple design, with wood, wide planks and in some cases an aged finish. Wood dowels and plugs are visible. The doors have a raised panel for a simple design. Colonial kitchen cabinets have or elaborately carved ornamentation but instead have a simple and elegant appearance.

Natural wood is a common choice for developing colonial kitchen cabinets. These cabinets can also be painted to give a touch of color to the rustic kitchen cabinets. The first colors used were deep blue, garnet red, cream and warm yellow. When decorating a kitchen can also be painted to match the cabinets with colonial decor.

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