Round Ottoman Coffee Table

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Amazing Round Ottoman Coffee Table

Old furniture and round ottoman coffee table can be reused to serve a new function. If you have a coffee table that no longer serves its function, but you do not have the heart to throw it away, do ottoman for your living room or den. Besides saving money, it will also create a piece of furniture that specifically suits your decor. As long as you have a coffee table that is not higher than your sofa, this may be the easiest way to bring a new piece in its decoration.

Prep your round ottoman coffee table by sanding, so it will be easier to paint if you want to. The legs may need to sand by hand if they have carved intricate designs; using a sander to the top of the table. Measure the amount of material needed to complete this project and cut.

Paint the round ottoman coffee table; choose a color that matches the decoration pattern in the room in which you placed the ottoman. This is a piece of furniture that you can afford to add some color and design because it is a decorative accessory. Allow the paint to dry according to instructions on the paint can. It is important that you allow the table to dry completely.

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