Replace A Leather Accent Chairs In An Old Wooden Chair

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Leather Accent Chairs Image 2015

Leather accent chairs of an antique chair are much easier than it sounds. With only a falsification, even materials that seem difficult to replace can be easily exchanged. Understanding how most wooden chairs can be disassembled makes this less daunting project. The use of organic materials such as leather, is, in fact, not much more complicated than the heavy fabric contribute for the conservation of a retro look.

Turn the chair and remove the screws that secure the seat to the piece of wood. Remove the old leather piece loosening and removing any clip that is holding. Notice in the way the material is folded around the edges of the seat.

Place the new leather accent chairs material on a flat surface with the wrong side up, and remove marks and tissue folds. Lay the original leather piece with the wrong side up, on the new. Place small strips of adhesive tape along the edges of the seat to prevent slipping material. Carefully cut around the seat material with a very sharp scissors ideal for heavy materials. Place the new coverage seating the same way as was the original, carefully folding the material around the edges.

Attach the new seat cover in the frame with staples and a stapler. Staple the material on the underside of the seat. Start the front and descends both sides, keeping the pensioned material. Finish by clipping the rear edges of the material in the seat so that it is taut and without photoengraving. Place the seat in the leather accent chairs and secure it with screws. Do not over tighten to avoid fraying.


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