Preparing A Bistro Table Set

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Small Bistro Table Set

A bistro table set arrangement is an arrangement of cutlery and glasses, but provides cohesion to a gourmet establishment, where the appearance of the table has a great effect on the expectation of the guest, and enjoys the food. Knowing how to make a bistro table set is a great skill that you can use at any party or food to provide a touch of class. Set a plate of food in front of the chair for each seat, and put a plate of salad on top of the plate. Place a dinner fork to the left of the plate with a salad fork to the left of the dinner, and a dessert fork on the right. Place the dinner knife to the right of the plate, blade inward toward the plate.

Place a bread plate above the fork to the left of the plate of bistro table set. Place butter knife horizontally across the plate, with the blade down and to the left. Place the three vessels in a triangle down, above the knives and spoons. Place a plate with a cup in the upper right part of the glasses. The dish should be placed between the cups and spoons.

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