Preparation To Paint Rustic Trunk

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Rustic Trunk For Coffee Table

Rustic trunk – Storage trunks have an old look and feel to them. In contrast to the sleek look of modern container storage, solid storage trunks parts’, bulky, hinged represent the earliest times. They usually come in standard colors like red, black and blue with gold or silver hinges. If you do not like the colors, or if you are tired of the current look of your storage trunk, you can paint it a different color. Prepare and protect the trunk is the key to its preservation in the coming years.

Decide whether to remove or tape-hinged rustic trunk storage. Removing the hinges will give two pieces to painting: The top and bottom of the trunk. Use a screwdriver or drill to remove the screws.Apply masking tape to other metal parts that can not be removed. Curl the tape around the curved portions of the trunk storage.

Clean and dry the entire rustic trunk. Mix a combination of a mild dish detergent part three or four parts warm water in a bucket. Use a sponge to clean the trunk. Place a tarp under the trunk and around the work area to prevent paint from spilling or dripping on the floor. Determine if you need to use a manual on storage trunk before painting.

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