Pallet Furniture Ideas And Plans

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Best Pallet Furniture Ideas

Pallet furniture ideas – Pallets are used industrially for packaging and transport. Usually wood and, given its low cost, they are usually discarded. However, his versatility means that they can be leveraged to manufacture almost any type of furniture at a very low price.

Follow these plans to build a table, a gardener, two folding chair seats, a seed or compost reusing wooden pallets.

Before starting

Before building your furniture is essential that properly treat the wood pallet furniture ideas to achieve the desired finish. Apply a fungicide to remove mold or bacteria that may have pallets. This is particularly important if you do not know the source of the material.

Fine sandpaper removes debris. To give a more professional finish, make a brushing, which consists of removing a thin layer of the surface. Check if any protrude nail. If this is the case, to make it strong martíllalo well nailed. With a brush, it removes any dust on the surface. Thus pallet furniture ideas, the pallet will be ready to be varnished or painted. If you’re going to paint the wood, use a primer first. If you’re going to paint, apply a coat of white primer first.

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