Painting Kitchen Cabinets With Bright Enamel

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DIY Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets – Place a protective cloth on the kitchen floor to protect it from paint spills. Protects walls by placing masking tape on the edges of the cabinets. Maybe you should put a protective cloth on the kitchen walls to protect them from sawdust. Put on your clothes and glasses. You should wear a respirator with heat gun. Remove the doors and cabinet hinges with a screwdriver. Remove all cabinet hardware such as knobs.

Turn the heat gun and hold it about 5 cm of the surface of a painting kitchen cabinets. When blisters begin to form on the surface, passes a spatula underneath these to remove varnish and place in an empty can of paint. At the end of the day the can lid and discard it in a facility for the collection of hazardous waste. Clean the cabinet with a clean cloth and mineral spirits after removing the varnish.

Lija irregularities cabinets with sandpaper medium grain. Cabinets with sticky clean cloth to remove small particles of waste sawdust. Open, mix and pour the primer into a tray. Apply it on the sides of the painting kitchen cabinets with a brush to paint the edges and large areas with a roller. Let the primer dry for the period specified on the package. Open, mixing and pouring paint into another tray.

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