Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

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Mirrored Medicine Cabinet Lowes

A wall cabinet provides ample space for medicine and personal care items, keeping them in an attractive and functional mirror. Although many of these cabinets are built into a wall, you can build one in a simple and inexpensive way with common –Mirrored Medicine Cabinet items.


Choose a mirrored medicine cabinet that is the same size and style you want for your bathroom, making sure the mirror is secured to the frame. Although you can choose any mirror that meets your needs, a mirror of at least 24 inches (60.96 cm) wide lets you attach it to a pair of uprights. Cut the 1×4 decking to form a hollow square or rectangular box. Screw together the top and sides, and add one or more tables in the middle to form shelves, screwing them in place at different heights.

Wall hooks screwed on top of the frame. Screw the hinges to the left side of the mirrored medicine cabinet of the box, then ensures the hinges to the back of the mirror. It may be necessary to use high-performance glue or adhesive instead of screws in the mirror. Make sure the hinges are positioned such that the mirrored door can be opened fully without the side mirror hit the wall.

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