Mid Century Sofa Good Taste And Classic Style

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Mid Century Sofa Design

Mid century sofa – this week the title of the post is the Chesterfield sofa. Its origins date back to the mid-eighteenth century. It was then that the fourth Viscount Chesterfield commissioned a chair to one of the local carpenters. They were clear indications should be “tough and robust”, arms and back at the same height to force to sit up straight. The Earl of Chesterfield, had noticed that regular chairs did not allow its service personnel erect and maintain correct posture, which marred the garment of his butler and therefore commissioned a special chair that responds to their strict codes of style of the time.

The truth is that the chair, which soon appeared in its variant couch, crossed the ages without going out of style. Mid century sofa with different colors and models that were happening over two hundred years, never ceased to be inspired by the original English seat, despite having been improving their comfort in their home environments and adaptation to current needs. Tufted upholstery and distinctive short and shapely legs are the main features of this jewel of design.

Two centuries after the first chesterfield, this sofa is still identified as an icon of good taste and classic style. Undoubtedly, the mid century sofa “Chester” is fashionable and currently, it is common also found in environments far removed from the classic, even in Nordic style homes. Here you have a sample of the possibilities of this sofa. In addition, the Chesterfield was already leading the post of one of our inspiring houses, did you remember? My love, what about you?

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