Making Baby Rocking Chair

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Baby Rocking Chair Automatic

Baby rocking chair – Measure the width and length of your rocking chair seat. You can also put the newspaper or butcher paper on the seat and tracing. Add 5 cm to each measurement, or around the part outside of the copy. Fold the fabric so that the sides are marked on the inside. Cut three strips of fabric 20.32 cm wide pleats front and sides of the cushion. They must have the same length as the front and sides of the cushion, over half the length.

Fold your strips of fabric 20.32 cm wide in the middle, the right side with the right side for baby rocking chair. Press with an iron until they are flat. Sew them on the shorter sides to close. Give them back and press them. By hand stitching with basting line along the longer side of one of your open fabric strips point, anchoring the thread in one end only with a knot.

Supports one of the pieces of the fabric of your seat on a flat surface with the printed side up. Put flown together on the front and sides, with sides tacked matching and fold the edges towards the center of the fabric. Play with the union until flown fit evenly along the front and sides of the fabric of the baby rocking chair.

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