Making An Auxiliary Dog Crate End Table

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Dog Crate End Table Plans

Dog crates provide a safe and convenient place for your pets and keep them away from restricted areas. While dog crates are good for your pets, it is not necessary that you live with a pet ugly box. You can beautify your dog crate and make a final table of the same. Use the dog crate end table as a decorative element for your home. This guide takes you through the steps to make a final table using your dog crate. Measure your existing dog box.

This is essential because the dog crate end table is designed to be broad enough to cover your dog crate on top of the box. Decide the size of the dog crate end table. The size should be large enough to be spacious for the dog.

While the addition of 1-2 inches on each dimension of the box should be sufficient normally take special care and use your own judgment about adding inches so it is safe for your dog and aesthetically well.  Prepare a door frame dimensions preset using the wooden board. Riding a chicken wire structure for ventilation. Fix the door frame on the front of the dog crate end table with metal hinges.

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