Make Personal Stainless Steel Tool Chest

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Modern Stainless Steel Tool Chest

Stainless steel tool chest – The box with the built stainless steel sheet 304 cal. 24 and welded points and dimensions are 250mm length. Width 180mm. Total height 195mm. High top 50mm. 145mm high background. 2 hinges collapse, 2 insurance, a folding handle, not shown and not the top tray, side covers the built of a sheet 200mm. X 170mm and 10mm cut both corners. X the bottom, the top corners will cut 10mm. X 15mm. Forming a double 5mm.

To assemble this each cover for stainless steel tool chest in place and mark the cuts were needed to put the tab on the side covers against the body proceeded cap his equally armed. And armed the box and its lid Perform welding being careful not to deform the tap, mount the hinges with screws Stainless 8×32 and brooches from the front with screws of the same size, I confess that I have not finished a hinge spring when I pulled the lid when sawing, you change the position but it did not have to buy another pair to fit right.

Finished with top tray and flip, completed feat of stainless steel tool chest. Dimensions of the tray 237mm. Long x 155mm wide and deep depth, external action, with stops to stop the tray and penetrate 25 mm in the box, setting in and out without difficulty. The feat tubin a piece of 1/2 “Ø ext. 110mm. Long, rod stuck in 1/4” or 50mm stainless steel to leave. Light and two omega clamps stainless steel (you take the measure) cal. 20

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