Make Bedroom Pirate For Boys, Don’t Leave Dorm Trunks

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Dorm Trunks With Locks

Dorm trunks – Design a child’s room around a pirate theme to create a striking atmosphere you are sure to enjoy don’t leave dorm trunks. Purchase or paint all the existing furniture in dark wood to match the pirate theme. Install a narrow beam above the headboard with attached candles. Use wooden boxes and trunk  qualified for the storage and organization in the room to keep with the theme.

Dorm trunks already have now, choose bedding with a pirate or opt established pirates classic colors like black or red and white on a bed of solid color design. Place a few small pillows in bed with pirates designs, like a skull-and-crossbones, treasure chest or pirate embroidered. Hang curtains on windows that match the colors of the linens or use a conventional curtains option such as a large pirate flag or a fishing net square to cover the windows.

Design of an area of pirate costumes in the full bedroom everything a young pirate has to have some fantasy adventures. Place a large wooden dorm trunks in a corner of the room and fill it with different pirate costumes, beards, eye patches, pirate hats and plastic guns. Place a tall mirror against the trunk with a black mat round ahead. Complete the look with pieces of pirate-themed decor.

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