Lovely Solid Wood Bookcases

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Library Solid Wood Bookcases

No matter type of solid wood bookcases that need. You count on enough wood and right tools. A saw, a hammer, nails, a meter and sand, will be able to make any shelf without much effort to be big or elaborate. A multifunction shelf may well be in a room or in bedroom of kids, or why not, in entrance hall or home.

Solid wood bookcases are very practical furniture for large storage capacity offered and never left home. If we are lovers of reading, we can fill shelves of books of all kinds, from our favorite to those who have given us. Even if you have many books because you’re e-book or you do not like so much read, wooden shelves are still very useful to place items such as vases or picture frames, and give space a decorative touch different.

Wood has very natural and neutral tones, but always possible to dye this material and give it a more striking color. To decorate solid wood bookcases and also give life to space, we can also choose to paint bottom of shelf, whether on wall or shelf itself. In this way, we can combine colors of furniture in room with color to give you bottom of shelf, which should be same. Another option is to replace paint with patterned wallpaper, which will give impetus to shelf and space in general.

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