Ideas For Assembling Cube Bookcase

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Cube Bookcase Ideas

Cube bookcase – Cube shelves are easy to build and make an excellent addition to a room that needs simple storage space. The construction of the cube shelves requires very little woodworking experience and materials can be purchased at any hardware store. The simple design of the cube shelves with open backs and fronts makes them easy to move and easy to position in any way you choose. Work in a well ventilated area where sawdust and paint will not be a problem. Use 16 pieces of board 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick high density particle or plywood to build their cube bookcase. Measure and mark each piece to be a square of 1 foot by 1 foot, or alter the measurements for their own needs.

Of sand all cut edges of the plywood or particle board so that no rough edges or splinters. Paint or stain the plywood to match or complement your existing decor. Allow the wood to dry for 24-48 hours before continuing. Use wood glue to attach two pieces of plywood together to form an “L” squarely. Let the glue dry and nail the two pieces together for extra support. Make sure the nail is flush with the wood. Repeat this process with the other 14 pieces of wood until you have 8 “L” shaped pieces.

Place two of the “L” shaped pieces together and unite its seams with wood glue before nailing closed. Repeat this process for all eight pieces of wood until you have four boxes. Let the glue dry completely overnight before moving or using their shelves cube. Stack your cube bookcase, make a square with them or put them together in a way that best suits your decor.

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