How To Storage Chest Trunk

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Natural Storage Chest Trunk

Storage chest trunk – Long stem used as storage or Luggage suitcase before modern times. Usually, the stem is made of wood and is very sturdy. When the old antiques or vintage hull is seen, often seemed to be beat up, broken, and broken. Restoration of this beautiful stem can take time and effort, but the end product is a beautiful stem still can be used. Wear protective equipment before starting. It avoids problems like dust in the eyes, dust from the wood or the same problem with breathing.

Clean the storage chest trunk to remove all dirt, dust and grime. Dust with a dry cloth and then use a damp cloth to wipe it off with clean water before adding furniture net additional cleaning. The right cleaning method will vary based on the particular shine. Some spray directly on the wood, while others will be added to the water. Follow the instructions specific cleanser Cleansing. Remove the old finish or paint with a paint Scraper. Go down everything so that the damage can be seen and can take place.

Remove all pieces of metal on the storage chest trunk. Usually you can remove the old nails and pieces of metal hammer release. Rod the adolescents have metal reinforcement in the corners. Throw out the old nails, especially if they are rusted. Remove rust and dirt from the metal with steel wool. Rinse off the rust and metal to dry completely. Move the sandpaper back and forth along the shaft into the smooth wood. Make sure that the area fills in the rest of the stem while sanded with.

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