How To Personalized Toy Chest With Cardboard

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Personalized Toy Chest Wooden

Personalized toy chest – When you make a cardboard toy box, you give your children a safe place to store your treasures. And you can customize to make it truly one of a kind. Lest do it! A box with a lid will be easier to use than a box with flaps. The most common type of box with lid is a file storage container, measuring 24 by 12 by 10 inches. Tape the flaps closed with resistant sealing tape and cut the top off the box to create a cover.

Use a heavy duty case, because a toy chest will have to endure daily use. Cardboard boxes come in standard, double wall and triple wall construction. Use a box of triple wall if you can find one; otherwise, use a double-walled container. To decorate personalized toy chest, using the digital camera, take pictures of your child with his favorite toys, and toys alone. Print pictures on copy paper in primary colors. Glue the photos to the box and lid, overlapping the edges to cover the entire board. Cover the box and cover with transparent paper or spray with a transparent sealant contact.

Turn the lid down and keep the edges with the top of the personalized toy chest in one of the long sides. Mark placements two hinges around 3 inches of the left and right sides. Glue plastic hinged lid and the box with a hot-glue gun.

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