How To Paint A Metal File Cabinet

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Metal File Cabinet 2 Drawer

You may have an old metal file cabinet is still in the form of work, but does not look good. Or maybe you just want a new look in your home office. No need to buy a new file cabinet. It’s simple repainting old. Instructions to paint metal file cabinet. Select a well-ventilated area to paint. Place a tarp to protect the space. Place the metal file cabinet on the canvas. Remove any drawer pulls or other hardware. If you cannot remove, cover it with masking tape or duct tape. The hardware can be thin, so use an exact a knife to carefully cut any additional tape. Clean and dry cabinets. Remove drawers, if possible. Treat stains with rust primer, if necessary.

First cabinets with metal primer. Use a spray primer if you can find, such as spray painting the cabinet will be easier than using a brush. Priming the cabinet will create a painting surface can stick the future and avoid oxidation. Allow the primer to dry according to package directions. Paint the box with your color choice. Use a corrosion-resistant paint.

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