How To Build Wooden Wine Racks

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Wooden Wine Racks Image

Wooden wine racks are an ideal project for carpenter. Select a hardwood like maple, cherry, ash and walnut. These forests are durable while displaying wine. The wine is usually stored horizontally. Simple wine rack adds interest to room.

The first step to buildĀ wooden wine racks is place the wooden board on a work surface. Mark the edge about 2-inch from the edge of inches away from the shore and 6-inch. Place the card in a drill. Cut a round hole 1 1/2-inch in diameter through the card at each mark.

Draw a curve at each end of the joint width of 6-inch. Cut the curve. The front edges are the edges with holes about 2cm from the edge. Use a little above all to create a rounded front shelf. Sand the surface of the wine rack and inside each hole. Apply a wood finish to the frame. Allow it dry.

Place rack upright against the wall you want to ride on. Align the L-brackets around 6-inch of the ends and in the middle of the table on both sides of the grid. Mark holes. Finally, to buildĀ wooden wine racks, screw the brackets to the marks on the wall. Slide the shelf in place. Screw brackets to the frame.

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