How To Build Modern Sleeper Sofa

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Best Modern Sleeper Sofa

Modern sleeper sofa – Cut a piece of plywood 3/4 inch on a piece of 40 by 94 inches. Cut another piece of 40 inches wide by 76 long. Cut four molding pieces 1/2 inch to 40 inches long. Cut four pieces more than 76 inches long. Using a miter saw for cutting angles of 45 degrees at each end. Une structure with double corner brackets. It begins forming an L shape with a short length and a long standing on their sides. Screw two supports at each corner, one near the bottom and one near the top with screws 1 inch.

Place the piece of plywood 93 inches long on the first structure, leaving 19 inches superimposed on one end. Plywood screwed with screws to the frame 1 1/2 inch placed at the ends and spaced every 18 inches of modern sleeper sofa. Place the second piece of plywood on the other structure level and screw it, leaving a 18-inch between the screws, as in the first part.

Add trim to the first modern sleeper sofa, creating a rectangular frame in which rest the couch. Place the strip of 40 inches along the top edge of the plywood on the side that is aligned with the lower structure. Add longer along the top of the front and rear edges with screws 1 inch pieces.

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