How To Build Cherry Bookcase

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Cherry Bookcase Furniture

Cherry bookcase – A bookcase made wood is beautiful to accent any home decor. Which can only add to the appeal is the appeal of cherry wood, with its rich color and patina. With few supplies and a few carpentry skills, you can build cherry bookcase on an afternoon that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Tilt the side boards 4 standing against a wall, or resting on the floor. Choose one of the ends to be the top of the shelves. It measures 12 inches down from the top and mark a line across the width of the boards.

Select a second line of rack 13 inches from the first. Measure and mark the line of lower shelf 17 inches down from the second line. Put up the boards and have a friend hold 30 centimeters apart with pencil lines facing each other. Keep a board 30 inches of bottom lines. Align the top edge of the platform with the pencil mark. Key instead.

Match up the top edge of the platform with the line on the opposite side panel, and nail in place too. Repeat the process for setting the shelves over the next two lines. Place the top panel over the entire unit. Align the board so it is not a 2-inch overhang on all sides of the board. Key instead. Sand entire cherry bookcase along the flat surfaces and the corner edges. Apply wood stain or a clear coat is desired to carry out the tones of cherry wood.

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