How To Build A Comfortable Trunk Dresser

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Trunk Dresser Images

Trunk dresser – You can add personality to a dull dresser beautify logs to make it a piece of rustic charm. If you choose whole, birch bark or slabs of logs, a simple comfortable can become an element of beauty that will become a conversation piece trunks. There are several websites that offer instructions on how to build a comfortable level, or you can purchase one at a thrift store or antique and add records to infuse your own personality.

Find four registers, each about 2-3 inches in diameter and height of the trunk dresser. Peel the bark of the trunks, if desired. Cut the stems of all stems lost and thoroughly clean with warm water. Measure the height of the dresser floor just below the top piece, and cut four logs to standard. Select the best side of each record and lay that side out. Mark the record to show which side goes out.

Be sure to cut an angle of 90 degrees on the side opposite the registration comfortable. Place this on the leg angle existing trunk dresser to form a tight and instead setting. To provide a protective coating of varnish or stain. Add a sprig of knots handles or knobs. Secure with screws.

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