History Of Trestle Dining Table

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Rustique Trestle Dining Table

History of trestle dining table is one of the earliest forms of tables. They are direct successors of the tables in style pedestal base that were so popular in ancient times. The dining tables stand was commonly used in ancient Rome. These tables then, used to be made ​​mostly of marble or stone. The middle Ages began to see a little ‘to change the structure with more loose panels on the legs. This was to make it easier storage and assembly.

Until the 16th century, trestle dining table was the most common form of the table, because, by the end of it, the design of the stand sold for a stronger structure framed as the refectory tables and gate leg. Easy storage and assembly was greater in the best shape and those sitting around you feel more convenient. Thus, the newest form began to gain more popularity and that is why they have remained to this day.

This trestle dining table style is an important part of the style of American furniture. The tables are coupled with spindle back chairs to complete the traditional look.

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