Guideline To Make A Coffee Table Of Palm Tree Trunks

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Antique Tree Trunks Coffee Table

Tree trunks – To make a coffee table tree trunks first way is cut the truck palm into two equal sections using a saw. While these sections have the same diameter, they must have the same height when they are sitting side by side on a flat surface. Ideally they should be 2-2 and a half feet from the ground.

Shave the skin from the outside of the saw or hatchet. Remove all bark of palm trees from the outside of each section and be sure not to make the same level of these two sections. Sand each of these two sections of palm tree trunks with sandpaper medium grain sandpaper at first and then fine sand at the end. Smooth rough edges along the sides and corners. Take each outer section and stain sanding any color you want.

Having a great one-inch thick piece of glass cut and smoothed along the sides. You can do it yourself with a glass cutting machine high strength, large pieces of glass and a shop to do this, or you can have it ordered and delivered customized. Place each section attempt stained, sanded trunk coffee table in the place in which you want to install your new coffee table. Place a large piece of glass on top of these palm tree trunks and organize our liking.

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