Glass Bookcase

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Glass Bookcase Unit

Glass bookcase – Home, sweet homeĀ  This saying often does not correspond with reality. Domestic accidents are much more common than it seems. They seem to be incidental and almost impossible to predict, but only Doom is not the cause that occur, but also the neglect and lack of prevention. Why should always be alert to the hidden risks of the House. Here is a list of those common hazards that we tend not to notice crystals’ are a true danger: an exquisite cleaning can be fatal if one tries to go through a ‘supposedly open’ glass door.

Best thing is to put some adhesive glass bookcase items visible to the eye level of children and elderly people as a preventive measure. Children, for example, are very impulsive, and up to 6 years old have vision in tube: see what focuses your attention only. If they are to an object trying to pass through the glass, the consequences are serious Libraries provided improperly or overloaded, beds, poorly leveled floor Any of these factors can result in the overturning of a piece of furniture.

You must be very careful to seat glass bookcase furniture, especially if they have been disassembled for moving or changed location because they lose strength. If the furniture brings attaches to the wall, put them always. The overloaded libraries can fall to remove a book, as well as a piece of furniture located in a wrong level ground simply by pulling a door. Careful with furniture that hide beds: always secure them to the wall and that an adult remove the bed!

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