Fun Ideas Reclaimed Wood Furniture

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Ideas Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Wooden pallets are designed for reuse and are perfect for creating furniture, planters or to design your terrace or patio. Construction of objects from reclaimed wood furniture is an activity that recycles waste while demonstrating his creativity. If you too, you always have pallets lying around at home and you do not know what to do, find some ideas to help you make design and original furniture.

More and more furniture designers have fun reusing wooden pallets benches, coffee tables or coat rack, creating a movement called “Deco Recycling”. Reclaimed wood furniture is a trend Triple E – ecological, economic and elementary. It remains to choose furniture that you wish to create within following ideas, where some furniture does not even require removal of pallet!

Improvise seat reclaimed wood furniture that is perfect for your holiday. Layer four pallets, Cinch and dress all foam and a beautiful fabric, so that it is comfortable and pretty. Use decorative pillows to accent its cozy look. pallets can also be transformed into a great headboard It takes only two or three repainting, align side by side, linking them with a drill and nails, then have long, rectangular massing behind bed feeling that this creation, costing next to nothing, in room will be surprising.

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