Fantastic Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

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Reclaimed Wood Bookcase Units

Do you know reclaimed wood bookcase? This furniture is created from the reuse of wood for industrial pallets from different parts of the world. This furniture is unique. Its originality is based on each piece is made with different types of wood such as pine, cedar, oak and walnut. This is carefully selected for manual construction of each of the furniture. Therefore the textures of each piece are unique and unrepeatable, besides having an identity with each name we give to the furniture.

Reclaimed wood bookcase is surprising capacity for creativity and ingenuity of the human brain. You do not think as with simple recycled wood pallets or boxes of wine, you can build furniture. Ready your tools and check out everything that you can create with this material.

Reading fans can have their special corner with a library like reclaimed wood bookcase. A practical, original and economical option to store your books, this gives you room to store your magazines or place other decorative elements. You can even put in the bottom wheels so you can move easily when you go to clean.  If you paint with bright colors can place it in the nursery for ordering their toys or their stories, but it is important to take notice safety boxes to the wall to avoid accidents.

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