Easy Cleaning Marble Table Tops

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Cleaning Marble Table Tops

How to cleaning marble table tops? Marble is a type of limestone soft, to basic calcium may be composed of various impurities from materials such as sand, silt, clay or iron. These impurities give the colored and drawings that make it unique. The objects made ​​from marble, including decorative pieces and functional furniture such as tables and countertops, you are valued for their appearance. Marble is generally a stone soft that it can easily be damaged or stained. It is necessary to treat the surface with care to see that the table is in perfect condition.

To marble table tops, Prepare a solution of one part of baking soda and nine parts water for general cleaning. For stubborn stains, prepares a thick paste of baking soda and water and apply it on the spots, leaving it to act for several minutes.

Carefully clean the table with a soft cloth and a solution of baking soda and water. Remove the solution completely with cold water. Dry the table with a soft cloth. If you let it air dry can be opaque. Polishes the surface with wax polish marble. The wax will protect the table of damage and keep intact the luster of marble table tops.

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