DIY Wicker Storage Trunk On Bench

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Square Wicker Storage Trunk

Wicker storage trunk – Combine bench with wicker storage trunk is best way to save your money. First to do measure the inside of the trunk, sides from top to bottom and left to right. Cut two pieces of plywood ¾ inch in size and shape of the inside of the sides of the trunk. Add the depth of the upper trunk to the height of the pieces least ¾ inch plywood top you are adding.

Cut a piece of plywood ¾ inch to the inside dimensions of the upper wicker storage trunk. Cut a rectangular groove 4 by 1 inch in the center of the top piece. Make 4-inch side of the slot parallel to the width of the trunk. Drill pilot holes along both side edges of the upper part with some wood 1/8-inch. Mark the 3/8 inch from the edge. Use a C-clamp for fastening a piece of scrap wood 2 by 4 inches along the lower edge to act as a brace.

Adjust the top piece on top of the upper edge of the two side pieces. Enter a 1 5/8 inch drywall screw through each hole at the edges of the top at the upper edges of the side pieces. Set this framework plywood three sides inside the trunk side placed against the walls. Close the upper wicker storage trunk.

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