DIY Single Blanket Storage Chest

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DIY Blanket Storage Chest

Blanket storage chest – Blanket chests serve as additional storage or double as a coffee table or bench. They are a practical furniture usually used to store linens, blankets or throws. The chest protects against moisture and especially with an insert cedar, against moths. Follow these steps to build your own single blanket storage chest.

Cut the wood for the base tables using a saw or table saw. Place the pieces. Create joints. Deciding how to join the piece. You will need an electric router to dovetail a biscuit joiner or a miter box to the joints. For abutment, nail or screw the ends together. Assemble the sides and ends. Secure with glue and clamp. Immediately clean the glue so it does not affect the finished piece. Add cloves when almost dry. Place the last bottom. Corner nails and small blocks around the inside of the blanket storage chest to hold the bottom in place. Fit the bottom inside the box and use screws to secure it.

Make cover. Cut and assemble the timber lid. Create joints that have decided to use. Secure with glue and clamp. Install hinges with screws. Connect the pin on the front and chain inside to keep the lid from opening. And if you want decorate blanket storage chest you can apply paint.

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