Decorating Ideas Using Storage Chest Trunk

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Furniture Storage Chest Trunk

Storage Chest Trunk – antique reproduction, provides space with drawers in an attractive unit. Although not originally intended as decor, these pieces is a throwback to a time when traveling on steamships led long trips, requiring travelers to pack a lot of personal items at once, all in a piece of luggage. Because these pieces are durable, many still exists in functional condition today, serving as stunning room decor.

Some breast tribes have flat tops, which makes them ideal to use as a coffee table, side table or even a bedside table, complete with drawers for storage chest trunk. For a coffee table, adding a glass table top to a long, squat stem for protecting the stem top. Smaller, taller trunks serve as end tables or bedside tables, with room inside to stow electronic remote controls or reading materials.

Dress up a plain kitchen island or bar counter by arranging vertical breast tribes around the perimeter, boxes outward. You can also make your breakfast bar or island from scratch by adding a tabletop to a series of similar vertical trunks pushed up against each other. Doors may be removed or left intact to hide these storage chest trunk spaces when not in use. Commercial kitchen linens, spices and extra cutlery in the chest of drawers. Secure the entire structure on a wooden base and place the wheel on a mobile dining station that can be rolled out to the patio in good weather days.

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