Customize Outdoor Wood Storage Chest

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Reclaimed Wood Storage Chest

Wood storage chest – Design and custom make their own appropriate storage chest for outdoor conditions by using basic tools and hardware plywood. Measure the space where you want the porch storage chest. Draw the necessary parts for the chest in the plywood, using pencil and tape measure. Draw two identical pieces for the front and rear using the length and height measurements.

Cut 6 pieces for wood storage chest outdoors using the puzzle. Place the pieces according to size. Sandpaper all edges and smooth surfaces. Place the side pieces through each other, and the front and rear parts through one another to create a rectangular wooden box frame.Attach the pieces together to ensure the framework, using 1-inch long screws and mechanical screwdriver. Use at least two screws per corner.

Attach the lower part of the breast by placing in the top of the frame. Use 1-inch long screws and mechanical screwdriver to secure the bottom of the storage chest. Place the lid on the chest to chest, so the sides are aligned. Place the hinges so that one end is placed inside the chest and the other end is on the cover itself. The hinges should be placed evenly spaced at least 10 inches if possible. Use 1/4 inch screws and a screwdriver to fix the hinges on the chest. Paint the wood storage chest  the color’s you want.

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