Creating A Unique Round Accent Table

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Classic Round Accent Table

Matching furniture sets can be a simple way to add the design of a room, but a table can add a unique accent highest quality competition to a living room or bedroom decor. With a little time and effort, a creative and inexpensive round accent table can make a room exploded with new inspiration. Select a height of planting a knee urn household items or local hardware store. The urn can be made ​​of a durable plastic, or may have a clay or ceramic construction. For a more eclectic design, purchasing an urn garden of a local antique shop.

Paint the box with soft, green or beige. If your living room or bedroom need a more vibrant or specialized design round accent table, the urn can be painted a color that matches the design of the room. However, keep in mind that the more neutral the ballot box is painted, the most impressive table decorations appear.  Add a round glass lid to cover the casket. Choose a round accent table that has almost twice the circumference of the box. It can be placed on top of the urn and secured with tiny, clear rubber plugs that go under the glass.


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