Counter Height Stools 50s Style

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50s Counter Height Stools

Counter height stools – Retro 50s decor still making an appearance in many food establishments and contemporary recreation rooms across North America. The baby boomers are looking for a nostalgic return their childhood days, while younger consumers embrace the simple, clean and sense of fun that marked the era of casual dining after World War II lines. A familiar piece of furniture is the soda fountain or restaurant counter with stools facade without sports seats upholstered vinyl backing and shiny chrome legs.

Counter height stools, careful measurement is recommended to ensure that their bar stools requirements needed to be comfortable height on a counter or bar gathers. For standard bars that vary in height from 40 to 44 inches, 30 inches high stool is needed. If your counter measures 34 to 38 inches tall, look feces that are between 24 and 26 inches tall.

The bars counter height stools 50s are often set the ground for easy cleaning and easy accessibility. Living side by side and serve customers placed orders easier for customers and staff alike. A common foot rail ran along the base of the rod stationary, mobile or stool models were equipped with individual ringed footrest for customer convenience. Most stools turned so customers could be sitting close together, but they could get in and out with minimal disruption.

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