Best Wine Rack Plans

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Woodworking Wine Rack Plans

Wine rack plans – The space on top of the kitchen is a great place for custom storage. Often, this is an unusual space dimension, or may have an inclined surface involved. For this reason, standard box wine racks are a great use of this space infinitely customizable because of its ability to adapt to almost any nook or cranny above a kitchen cupboard. By simply changing the dimensions of the various boards in the wine rack plan will make it possible to fit the shelf on the desired area.

Wine rack plans, forms four plywood boards 1/2-by-12-by-12 inches in the form of a square by foot up on their edges butting against each other to form a Dec. 1/2-by-12 1/2 square inches. Drill four evenly spaced holes through each joint and at the end of the table opposite.

Wine rack plans, tighten wood screws 2 inches on each hole and use a drill to spin safely on wood screws, linking tables together. Mark the center point of two of half-by-12-by-16 boards of plywood half-inch using a tape as a guide. Use the hacksaw to cut a line in each panel from one side of the board to the center point so that there is a cut of 6 inches into the center of the table.

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