Best Coordinate Navy Blue Accent Chair In Your Room

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Navy Blue Accent Chair Type

Choose an accent to go with a navy blue accent chair color coordinates using a color wheel and basic theory of color. Use a color wheel to find complementary colors navy blue accent. Choose shades of yellow or red as primary colors that coordinate with navy blue. Secondary account linked colors like purple, orange and green.

Use color wheel system to add a pillow, throw blanket or stuffed animal toy on chair as a piece of accent. Select an old rabbit toy, hand-stitched made of dark purple velvet crushed to place on chair. Place a lemon yellow in corner of chair decorative pillow. Hang a small throw rug, woven skirt with blue and green wires in back of chair. Coordinate navy blue accent chair in colors of wall. Paint walls a deep golden color and room with gold draperies accent. Place blue chair near a window. Place a pillow on chair made of similar fabric as curtains.

Ensure living room for an accent chair. Paint walls of a small white room. It includes a small white table with a blue vase and fills it with white daisies. Place a small white pillow on navy blue accent chair, accent room with a blue carpet on floor. Painting book cases and other accent furniture items in white room with blue and coordinating accessories such as candles or bowls

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