Bathroom Linen Cabinets Ideas

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Antique Bathroom Linen Cabinets

If your clothing is still hidden behind a closed door, either a closet or a cabinet, you can use interesting and nontraditional containers to keep its inventory. The trend has been toward the towels and wash cloths that are rolled instead of folded. Bathroom linen cabinets can enter a height basket (for towels) or a small basket or bowl (for tea). Have a good time for the change in the storage containers. Wrap the boxes in cool wrapping paper or wallpaper samples Vintage, or to give a clever touch, cover them in brightly patterned fabric samples.

Think beyond the closet when determining what can serve as bathroom linen cabinets. There cabinets standing on toilet tanks. Just make sure they are narrow enough so that no bumps his head. Post a wardrobe against the wall outside the bathroom to serve as bathroom linen cabinets.

Try a style apothecary chest with multiple drawers and shelves of different sizes for a unique look. Try a long, low cabinet with translucent doors for a modern aesthetic of mid-century modern bohemian or go with a small dresser or nightstand reused to contain clothes. Look for simple, homespun; omit the entire cabinet and linen place in baskets.

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